What’s this? / Это что? — как правильно what this или what s this


Здравствуйте, уважаемые эксперты!
В последнее время стала больше разбираться в грамматики и пунктуации великого русского языка. Объясните пожалуйста, как грамотно и верно пишется слово «гостиная»? В корне пишется О или А?

What’s this? / Это что?

Презентация к уроку во 2 классе.

*Lead-in *Pronunciation practice/Reading *Homework assessment/Speaking *Vocabulary. Controlled speaking activity *Dynamic pause *Writing/Labelling *Listening/Listening assessment *Grammar *Feedback/Homework

Просмотр содержимого документа
«What’s this? / Это что?»

как правильно what this или what s this

What’s this? Это что?

как правильно what this или what s this

Lesson plan components

как правильно what this или what s this

Pronunciation Произносим звуки и читаем слова правильно!

[ð] mo th er, fa th er, bro th er, th is, th at

как правильно what this или what s this

The song «My family» Поем песенку о семье*

My father, my mother,

my sister, my brother.

That’s my family,

that’s my family.

как правильно what this или what s this

Расскажи о своей семье

как правильно what this или what s this

New words Новые слова*

как правильно what this или what s this

как правильно what this или what s this

как правильно what this или what s this

как правильно what this или what s this

как правильно what this или what s this

как правильно what this или what s this

It’s time to have a rest! Пора отдохнуть*

как правильно what this или what s this

What’s this? =What is this?-Это что?

как правильно what this или what s this

Homework Домашнее задание

Activity Book p.34 (B, C)

Student’s book ex. 7, p. 63 (SB)

Творческое : нарисуй картинку и подпиши что это.

Источник: http://multiurok.ru/files/what-s-this-eto-chto.html

What и Which: правила употребления, перевод, пример, отличие, разница в значении

Оба местоимения – и Which, и What используются в вопросительных предложениях, и оба переводятся как «какой«, «какие«, и т.д. Which может также переводиться как «который«, «которые«, и т.д.

What используется в таких вопросах, где количество возможных ответов заранее неизвестно. Спрашивающий знает, что ответов на заданный вопрос существует много, и хочет услышать от ответчика только интересующие его варианты.

What movie did you go to see?
Какой фильм ты ходил смотреть?

Which используется в таких вопросах, когда количество ответов уже заранее известно.

Which shoes should I wear with this dress – my blue ones or my black ones?
Какие туфли мне одеть вместе с этим платьем – синие или черные?

Часто в одних и тех же ситуациях можно использовать и Which, и What, в зависимости от того, что подразумевает говорящий.

Which bus goes into the centre?
Какой автобус едет в центр?

What bus shall I take?
На какой автобус мне нужно сесть?

Оба предложения возможны. В первом предложении говорящий, вероятно, подразумевает меньшее количество возможных автобусов, чем во втором предложении.

Примечание: о местоимениях What и Which также можно прочитать в разделе вопросительные местоимения.

Источник: http://www.correctenglish.ru/mistakes/vocabulary/what-which/

Указательные местоимения this, these, that и those. Упражнения с ответами

Сегодня поработаем над указательными местоимениями. Упражнения на this / that, these / those помогут вам раз и навсегда разобраться в теме указательные местоимения в английском. Я подобрала несколько несложных упражнений для детей и парочку посложнее для взрослых. Упражнения на this, that, these и those идут в порядке возрастания сложности. В конце статьи вы найдете ответы на большинство упражнений.

This, that, these, those упражнения.

Упражнение 1. Circle the correct word.

  1. this /these shoes
  2. this / these trousers
  3. this / these socks
  4. this / these shorts
  5. this / these trainers
  6. this / these hat
  7. this / these dress
  8. this / these blouse
  9. this / these skirt
  10. this / these scarf
  11. this / these boots
  12. this / these tights

Упражнение 2. Choose the correct word.

  1. This / These trousers are black.
  2. That / Those shirt is very nice.
  3. That / Those shoes are comfortable.
  4. This / These skirt is old.
  5. This / Those T-shirt is my brother’s.
  6. That / Those T-shirt is very small.

Упражнение 3. Write in this or these.

  1. Take _______ trousers.
  2. Take _______ sweater.
  3. Don’t take _______ bag.
  4. Don’t take _______ shorts.
  5. Take _______hat
  6. Take _______scarf.
  7. Don’t take_______ boots.
  8. Take _______ shoes.

Упражнение 4. Составь и запиши предложения. Make sentences.

Упражнение 5. Circle the right word.

  1. This /These is a car.
  2. That / Those are planes.
  3. Those /That is a whale.
  4. That / Those are sharks.
  5. This / These is my guitar.
  6. That / Those is an island.

Упражнение 6. Insert the correct word.

  1. This __________ is easy. a) questions b) homework
  2. These ___________ are my neighbors. a) women b) man
  3. What are you doing ________ afternoon? a) that b) this
  4. Who’s ________ speaking? a) this b) it
  5. These are my glasses and ________ are hers. a) those b) that
  6. We are going to the seaside __________ summer. a) that b) this
  7. __________ man over there is a famous politician. a) That b) These

Упражнение 7. Insert this, that, these, those.

  1. None of _______ present expressed any surprise on hearing __________.
  2. Try one of _____________.
  3. _________ is a computer
  4. ___________ are the TV sets of the latest type.
  5. Suddenly I felt something soft and warm on my knees. _________ was a cat.
  6. Whom were you talking with? ________ was a friend of mine.

Упражнение 8. Fill in the gaps with this, that, these, those.

  1. _________ people over there are waiting for the bus
  2. The day I first came to London was wonderful. I will remember _______day for ever.
  3. ______ summer I’m pretty busy.
  4. I’m working as a receptionist _______days.
  5. ________ were the days!
  6. Do you remember _______ winter when we all went to Egypt?
  7. Hello!__________ is Alan. Can I speak to Harry, please?
  8. _________ is a new cathedral and _________ one over there was built 900 years ago.
  9. Will you come over at five o’clock? I’ll be at home at _________ time.
  10. The summer of 1999 I spent in the country. I remember we had a lot of rain _______ year.
  11. _________ are my sisters. They have just arrived from London.
  12. Who was ________ girl I saw you with last night?
  13. Do you want to sit on ______chair here or on ________ one over there?
  14. _________ sweets you gave me last night were very nice.
  15. Look at _______ colourful air balloons in the sky!
  16. Clyde and Nancy have decided to buy a house ______ year.
  17. _________ trees over there were planted by the pupils of our school
  18. ______ buildings just in front of you were erected in the 18th century.
  19. Hello, Mrs Swift.________ is Mr Willis from Globe &Co speaking
  20. I wish I would have bought ______ woolen sweater last Sunday.
  21. You’d better take ________ The others we saw don’t match your dress.
  22. I couldn’t forget_________ beautiful girl I had met in the park.
  23. Do you know ________ little boy? He says he has been lost in the shop
  24. Can you reach ________ old books on the top shelf?

Упражнение 9. Write answers to the questions.

Example: Whose watch is this? (Linda) This is Linda’s watch

  1. Whose books are these? (the pupils)
  2. Whose house is this? (John)
  3. Whose offices are these? (the bankers)
  4. Whose flowers are these? (my mother)
  5. Whose translation is this? (my friend)
  6. Whose shoes are these? (my sister)
  7. Whose stamps are these? (Ted)
  8. Whose fields are these? (the farmers)
  9. Whose discovery is this? (Newton)
  10. Whose duties are these? (the pupils)
  11. Whose words are those? (our teacher)

Упражнение 10. Напишите эти предложения во множественном числе.

This is a cat. These are cats.

  1. That is a car
  2. This is a dog
  3. That is a star.
  4. This is his pencil
  5. That is his pen.
  6. This is a sheep.
  7. That is a child.

Упражнение 11. Translate into English paying attention to the use of demonstrative pronouns.

  1. Это были самые красивые розы, какие я когда-либо видел.
  2. Посмотрите, кто это? — Это один из наших студентов.
  3. Я где-то видел этого человека. — Это один из наших спортсменов. — Да, теперь я узнаю, это он
  4. Кто там? — Откройте, это я.
  5. Какие это были чудесные цветы!

Ответы к упражнениям на указательные местоимения.

1 these, 2 these, 3 these, 4 these, 5 these, 6 this, 7 this, 8 this, 9 this, 10 this, 11 these, 12 these

1 these, 2 that, 3 those, 4 this, 5 this, 6 that

1 these, 2 this, 3 this, 4 these, 5 this, 6 this, 7 these, 8 these

Your own sentences.

1 this, 2 those, 3 that, 4 those, 5 this, 6 that

1 b, 2 a, 3 b, 4 a, 5 a, 6 b, 7 b

1 those / that, 2 these или those, 3 this или that, 4 these или those, 5 that, 6 that

1 those, 2 that, 3 this, 4 these, 5 those, 6 that, 7 this, 8 this /that, 9 that, 10 that, 11 these, 12 that, 13 this /that, 14 those, 15 those, 16 this, 17 those, 18 these, 19 this, 20 that, 21 these, 22 that, 23 this. 24 those

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What’s this?

Hi! My name`s Elmira. I`m from Emba in Kazakhstan. I`m 33 years old and I`m a teacher. I work at high school. My school and my children are the best in my life. I like working with pupils, therefore I chose this profession. I teach English in different classes. I`m so happy because this work helps me to be active, responsible and positive.

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«What’s this?»

Күні: 04.12.2015

Сабақтың тақырыбы: What’s this?

Сабақтың мақсаты: Жаңа лексикалық сөздермен жұмыс істеу, «What`s this?»

сұрағының сөйлемде қолданылуына жаттығу жұмыстарын

Сабақтың міндеті:

Оқушылардың білімге қуштарлығын арттыру

Оқушылардың мәдени әдеби өй-өрісін дамыту.

Жеке, топпен жұмыс жасауға үйрету, шет тіліне деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру.

Сабақ әдісі: Сұрақ-жауап, әңгіме

Сабақ типі: Жаңа білімді меңгерту

Көрнекілігі: Тақырыптық суреттер

Пән аралық байланыс: Орыс тілі

I. Ұйымдастыру

— Good morning children!
Балалар мұғаліммен тақпақ ретінде амандасады.
— Good morning, good morning
Good morning to you!
Good morning, good morning,
I’m glad to see you!
Б) жоқтарды белгілеу

II. Сабақтың тақырыбымен, мақсаттарымен таныстыру.

Our theme in our lesson is “What’s this?”. Today we will learn new words on theme, name the colours and answer the questions.

III. Жаңа сабақ

“What’s this?” сұрағын енгізу оған жауап беруді үйрету. Түстердің атауларын ағылшын тілінде атап үйрету. Жаңа сөздерді енгізу

— red
— green
— blue
— black
— yellow
— brown
— orange
— grey
— white

What`s this? – It`s a book

What`s that? – It`s a pen

What`s this? – It`s a ruler

What`s that? – It`s a table

What colour is it? – It`s blue

What colour is it? – It`s grey

What colour is it? – It`s red

What colour is it? – It`s yellow

VI. Сергіту сәті

Түстер туралы тақпақты жаттау.
— I see green, I see brown
— I stand up! I sit down!
— I see red! I see blue!
— I see you and you and you!

V. Пысықтау

Colin: What`s this?

Carol: Is it a pencil?

Colin: No, it isn’t. It’s a pen.

Carol: What’s that?

Colin: It’s a calculator. Now go away.

Listening, speaking and writing

Exercise1. Talk to your friend about the pictures on page 47.

What’s picture 1?

Exercise 2. Listen and repeat.

Carol: What’s this? Colin: It’s a pen.

VI. Бекіту

Exercise 6. Listen and repeat.

What’s that? It’s a …..

What’s that? It’s a …..

VII. Үйге тапсырма

Exercise 12 Talk to your partner about your things and learn the colours.

— Good bye, children!
— Good — bye, teacher!

Источник: http://kopilkaurokov.ru/angliiskiyYazik/uroki/what-s-this

конспект урока Это что? What’s this

Выходные данные (библиографическая ссылка):

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как правильно what this или what s this

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